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Xena Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Classic Stories: F

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Falling by Grit Jahning
Recommended by: Rocky - 06.02.01
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt NC-14/Parallel Universe
Length: Novel, 223 Pages - complete

This is the best 'What If' Xena story I've read in a while. What if Xena and Gabrielle grew up together? Deceptively and gently, Grit weaves a very complex and beautiful story of love and pain, while staying completely true to the characters of the classic Xena universe. I was totally spell bound by the story from beginning to end. After it was over I had sit and regroup for a couple of minutes... Wow!


Falling by Grit Jahning
Recommended by: Kamouraskan - 08.29.01
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt NC-14/Parallel Universe
Length: Novel, 223 Pages - complete

The author claims in the disclaimer that this is almost an uber, but I disagree. This is classic, although it takes place in an alternative universe. Grit Jahning (fast becoming one of my favourite writers) asks what would happen if Xena and Gabrielle had met earlier, and both our heroes had the chance at a more normal life. Adolescent Xena avoids the horrors of the raid by Cortese, and Gabrielle finds a family that loves her for who she is. Normally this would remove much of the depth to Xena's character, but the leads and peripheral roles are so lovingly rendered; Gabrielle's rescue from her brutal home life, Xena's discovery of someone to believe in her are beautifully rendered, that it instead becomes the reader's wish that they might have evaded the standard timeline. But this is also one of the sweetest romances it has been my delight to read. Touching, well written, although sometimes painful as well, this is a feast for the romantic, filled with phrases and scenes that touch the mind and heart with unerring precision.


(The) Fever by Nancy
Recommended by: Rocky - 04.13.00
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt Rated R/Parallel Universe
Length: Short Story, 25 Pages - complete

It's a Hat Trick for Nancy! The third story in the Reversal series is just as engaging and imaginative as the first two stories. The Healer is trapped in the depths of a fever, leaving the Warrior at a loss as to how to care for her lover. The fever is actually a trap rather than the symptoms of a simple illness. Callisto has joined forces with Ares to set this trap and it is up to the Warrior to enter the realm of Morpheus to save the Healer. Before you say "Isn't that just like..." Let me say definitely 'No it isn't!' I love the slant that Nancy has cast on Xena and Gabrielle, with another new tale that will not disappoint.

See also: 1st story in the Reversal Series: "Reversal of Destiny"
See also: 2nd story in the Reversal Series: "Reversal of Guilt"

For Ant of a Nail by Lollius
Recommended by: Michal Salat - 08.03.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: GEN
Length: Short Story, 23 Pages - complete

I *never* read gen fic. Ever. If it ain't explicitly alt, I ain't interested. That said, "For Ant of a Nail" is one of my favorite stories. It's got such a goofy premise (no sillier than some of the XWP comedy eps), and is so charmingly written, that I couldn't resist it. The plot is simple enough. Xena and Gabrielle encounter an old acquaintance of Xena's, a king with designs on a prosperous nearby town. A town which Xena herself, in her warlord days, had tried unsuccessfully to sack, and where she's not likely to be welcomed as she tries to warn them of the impending danger. Aided by an unlikely bunch of cohorts, Xena and Gab formulate a very unusual plan - one that hinges upon an obscure linguistic detail - to save the city. Along with Lollius's clear style and tongue-in-cheek attitude, what some readers will find especially appealing about this little story is how their mission depends upon Gab and Xena both using their time-honored bard and warrior skills in a nicely egalitarian fashion. All told, a good bit of fun, with a plot device clever enough to catch and hold your interest (and one itty bitty subtext moment ). Anyone familiar with the brilliant filk "G&X Meet G&S" () will not be surprised to learn that Lollius is none other than Kevin Wald, the genius behind that Gilbert & Sullivan parody.


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