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(A) Woman Called Alika by M. Parnell
Recommended by: Angharad Governal - 07.21.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt
Length: complete

As the story opens, we find the warrior and bard at a crossroads between fording a river or passing through a lush valley. Gabrielle suggests that the duo take the valley route, but Xena immediately objects, although the river route will add two days to their journey. The bard questions this decision, and our dark warrior offers a mysterious answer - the valley route will take them to an area called, "The Vale". It is a place of mysterious customs, Xena explains, and insists to Gabrielle that it is best to be avoided at all costs. Filled with intriguing characters and a great plot that, at times, has shades of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, this wonderful story will leave you in stunned silence. If you've read this piece before, please go and re-discover it again, and if you've never laid eyes on it, run, don't walk, to, A Woman Called Alika by M. Parnell. It is a great read.

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