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Xena Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Classic Stories: R

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Reversal of Destiny by Nancy
Recommended by: Rocky - 03.10.00
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt/Parallel Universe/ Rated R
Length:Novella, 49 pages - complete

Of all the 'What if' pieces I've read, this is by far the most unique and entertaining. Like the title suggests, expect everything to be turned 180 degrees. A crippled healer finds a dying warrior on a battlefield. These two souls are drawn together in a way which is familiar and yet completely different As you can tell, I don't want to give away the plot simply because the unusual circumstance of this story is the major part of its charm. Fresh and imaginative, this is an entirely new slant on Xena fan fiction.

Reversal of Guilt by Nancy
Recommended by: Rocky - 04.13.00
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt/Parallel Universe/ Rated R
Length:Short Story, 36 pages - complete

Ladies and gentlemen ...we have a series. This is the second in what the author has now dubbed "The Reversal Series," and this makes me a very happy camper. Nancy continues to tell the tale of the warrior and the healer in a fresh and very believable manner. No compromise is taken with the characters of Xena and Gabrielle, they remain true to the women we love, despite the fact that they walk through this new world of Nancy's crafting. The Healer and the Warrior aid a village that has been hit by a Warlord. They each make mistakes that so many do early in a relationship. Healer learns that the Warrior must have a place in her craft and the Warrior learns that she can't protect the Healer all of the time. This common theme is told in whole new way and yet the lesson of trust remains the same.

See also: 1st story in the Reversal Series, "Reversal of Destiny" and the 3rd story, "The Fever".

The Rift by Anima
Recommended by: bedbard - 08.28.01
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt/Rated R

When Gabrielle and Xena struggle with trust issues, they find taking a vacation may give them the break they need to sort things out. Together with a poet and surfer, they find a peace and each other once again. For this story please go to:

Rumors of Love by Ella Quince
Recommended by: Rebecca Hall - 08.07.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt
Length:Short Story - complete

How do we reconcile the love stories of The Quest and Ulysses? Ella Quince tackles this issue in her powerful and insightful short story, Rumors of love. Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons after their return from Ithica, and Xena is forced to confront the difference between mere lust and true love. Quince tells the story of two women stumbling toward intimacy with gentle humor and compassion. This well crafted and passionate tale provides a realistic and insightful take on Xena's character. Quince's brilliance lies in her ability to capture complex emotion with poetical prose. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to read this story, you are in for a rare treat.

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