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Quality Dying Time by Temora
Recommended by: Lariel - 02.17.01
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Gen

Another great tale from Temora has Xena and Gabrielle facing the very realistic prospect of a slow death as they are trapped under a rockslide on a deserted mountain. Only one person stands between them and a painful, lingering death - a very disturbed young girl, Tai. A fascinating story in its premise, Temora successfully injects pathos, humour and a very real sense of helplessness, fear and anger in her characters as the story unfolds.

As if the prospect of dying slowly on a mountainside whilst a young child plays mental and emotional games for fun with Xena and Gabrielle wasn’t chilling enough, Temora keeps the pace, the suspense and the emotions right at the forefront with some strong characterisations right through. Her Xena and Gabrielle are true to type, Xena being especially interesting as we see her in an atypical situation; helpless and dependant upon another for help, but it is Tai who is the real star of this story. You’ll want to hug, slap, kiss and kill this child by turns. And you’ll be asking yourself right up till the end - will Tai let them die?

Queen by L.N. James
Recommended by: Penumbra - 08.17.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt
Length:Novella - complete

As all convoluted games, this one has a simple beginning. Gabrielle bets Xena she can convince a tavern's occupants that Xena is her slave. And the game is on. Through a multi-layered, delicately building game of seduction, the Amazon Queen shows the quite untameable Warrior Princess that seduction is an art form and that submission has great rewards.

Personally, I was overflowing enough to ruin a week's worth of clean underwear after finishing this story, but that's not what is so wonderful about this classic. It's the love and understanding that shines through every word, the truth that one can know someone else better than herself.

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