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March 16th by Linda Crist
Recommended by: Kamouraskan - 01.11.00
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt/PG-13
Length: complete

One of the things that the best fanfiction have in common is that they often seem like the road not taken. I can't help but feel a regret while reading them, that this was not the direction the show decided upon. So it is with this full length novel.

The first chapters of this story were begun between seasons four and five , and it starts with the events following the Ides of March, and the deaths by crucifixion of Xena and Gabrielle. Our heroes' bodies have been removed from their crosses and it is Amarice who realizes that the Devi Eli might be able to bring them back. The scenes that follow will bring a tear and warmth to all the romantics who felt the loss of the relationship between the two, as their time in Elysia proves to be their chance to discover their true feelings, and their destinies together. Filled with gentle passion, this story is not perfect. A few scenes feel as though they were rushed on occasion, and there are small sequences of dialogue that could be retouched. But overall, it challenges Missy as an alternative to the show, integrating certain changes while trying its best to keep a parallel course; but always emphasizing that the Bard and Warrior's love for one another is a physical thing, and the guiding force in their lives.

That this is a first time effort is the most astounding thing, and it is with great anticipation that I see the author has already begun her sequel. To sum up, if you enjoy Merwolf, discover Linda Crist.

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