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Xena Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Classic Stories: L

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Lila's Little Adventure by Charmer
Recommended by: Penumbra - 10.28.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt
Length: Short Story - complete

This thing really had me howling, giggling and guffawing, and believe me, I do not giggle a lot. The story begins with eggs, ends with eggs and in the middle, the eggs somehow get mixed into the plot, when Gabrielle's little sister sees something she didn't expect to see. And her horizons get expanded with relish.

(A) Little Lightness by Nancy
Recommended by: Rocky - 06.27.00
Genre: Classic/Parallel Universe
Sex/Violence Content: Alt/Rated R
Length: Short Story, 14 pages - complete

In the fourth installment of Nancy's Reversal series we are treated to, as the title says, a lighter less angst- ridden tale of the Warrior and the healer. The healer becomes the unknowing recipient of a bespelled talisman with unusual and humorous results. The Warrior must get her lover back to Athens to have the spell removed before it destroys them both. ...But 'OH' what a way to go.

See also: 1st story in the Reversal Series, "Reversal of Destiny": and the 2nd Story "Reversal of Guilt": also the 3rd Story "The Fever":

Live to Tell by Danae
Recommended by: Ogami - 08.09.99
Genre: Classic/1st Season
Sex/Violence Content: Alt
Length: Short Story - complete

I consider this the finest Xena and Gabrielle short story I ever read. It opens innocently, with Xena discovering Gabrielle has been keeping a little secret from her. The story grows from there, of which I dare not reveal. This story is so good, you'll read it at least twice to get all the details. Excellent plotting, with a jaw-dropping climax. This one you have to read, folks.

(The) Love of Lao Ma by Dana Cory
Recommended by: Anima - 10.05.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt
Length: Short Story - complete

(No subliminal messages were harmed in the production of this recommendation)

Ever since the airing of The Debt episodes (hot sex), I've heard folks misinterpret the idea of 'desire' as it was expressed by Lao Ma. The western mind seems to have a hard time grasping (hot sex) the concept of 'letting go of desire' without placing it in a sexual context. In other words, there's a strong tendency (hot sex) for many to believe that Lao Ma was an advocate for the elimination of 'sexual desire'. But as we know Xena (hot sex), through both canon and fanfic, this seems a most laughable proposal!

And this is why I absolutely *adore* this story. Dana (hot sex) has utilized the principles of Taoism in order to explore the erotic. How ironic, everything considered. and how perfect! Lao Ma teaches Xena the tenets of her beliefs, each step moving Xena towards a deeper (hot sex) connection with Lao Ma, her world, and most importantly, herself. Not only is it an extremely (hot sex) interesting interpretation of Taoism, it is also a very erotic read. I found the surprise twist towards the end particularly satisfying. It's great to see bards dare to write the unexpected in this genre that screams for perfect, very often, predictable endings. Not simply for rebellion's sake (hot sex) but because, sometimes, it just rings more true.

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