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Xena Fan Fiction Recommendations:
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(The) High Pass by Jim
Recommended by: angharad governal - 28.04.00
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Gen
Length: Short Story - complete

Ancient Greek playwrights perfected the concept of tragedy and since that time, tragedies have been the staple of storytelling. Although Greek tragedies traditionally consisted of a very specific set of criteria, the nature and scope of what constitutes tragedy has attained a gut-wrenching familiarity that both echoes the ancient creation, as well as expanding into something of a more contemporary nature. The High Pass is a wonderful and vibrant example of the contemporary concept of tragedy which also echoes the ancient tradition. Our warrior and bard, having spent several months fighting a nocturnal terror in the Carpathian mountains, now find themselves journeying back across famine stricken lands towards Greece. The trek lasts for nearly three months and it is in the journeying that both our heroes are tested physically and psychologically. Readers, along with Xena and Gabrielle, are taken along a road that renews and reaffirms hope and faith. A great read.

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