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Xena Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Classic Stories: G

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Gabrielle Learns Another Lesson by Wyatt Traishe
Recommended by: Rocky - 08.20.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt, NC-14/Sexual Humour
Length: Short Story (screenplay format), 58 Pages - complete

*as per requested by the site owner, this story is linked to the site's front page*
Time for a little irreverent humour. Wyatt Traishe's "Gabrielle Learns Another Lesson" had me rolling on the floor. Xena and Gabrielle are visiting Cyrene and Lila in Amphipolis. While waiting tables the bard bowls over a priest resulting in an interesting curse with hilarious results. Warning this is trashy sexual humour at it's very best. Little people and hard core feminists are best to give it a miss. I promise you will never look at Lila or Argo the same way again!

(A) Good Day Too by LN James
Recommended by: Anima - 08.07.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: GEN
Length: Vignette - complete

This is a moving vignette that follows the last scene in A GOOD DAY. Told from Temecula's POV, it's a telling image of our warrior and bard and the notion of 'The Greater Good', as well as a very touching image of lost innocence. LN delivers a very thoughtful portrait here; it's particularly moving when read as a follow up to LN's vignette Midnight Letter (

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