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Xena Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Classic Stories: D

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(The) Day the Ancient World Turned Day-Glo by Sasha Foo
Recommended by: Viv - 08.24.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt
Length: Short Story - complete

How can you not love a story where Kathy Lee Gifford is decapitated? The story in question is Sasha Foo's "The Day the Ancient World Turned Day-Glo." Fabulous enough for the title alone, this story requires that you check all expectations of plot and seriousness at the door. It's an anarchic romp complete with Callisto, hallucinogenic mushrooms, beer bongs, sex, drag queens, and mass slaughter of Republicans, all couched within Homeric turns of phrase-and with most of the action occurring in the lovely city of Whatmeworry. (Anyone who has lived in New York during the Giuliani Reign of Terror will appreciate this story.) As Gabrielle herself proclaims in a bardic verse, "Xena and Gabrielle-living it up with pot and beer." I laughed my ass off. It's perfect.

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