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Xena Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Classic Stories: I

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If Ingmar Bergman Directed a Xena Episode by Joanna Sandsmark
Recommended by: angharad governal - 05.10.99
Genre: Classic, Parody
Sex/Violence Content: Gen
Length: Script format - complete

What do you get when you take our beloved heroic duo, Ingmar Bergman's classic flick, "The Seventh Seal" (a personal fav), and "fun with subtitles" Monty Python (another fav) esque humor? You get this unusual, but effective, and incredibly funny parody of XWP eps, as well as Bergman's famous black and white classic. If you've ever wondered why Death (or Deth) is always portrayed sporting a Swedish accent, or had a sneaking suspicion about the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of subtitles, this little tale, written in the form of a film script, will confirm and answer those nagging questions.

In The Kingdom Of Horses by Mary Morgan
Recommended by: Kamouraskan - 11.22.00
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Gen
Length: Short Story, 50 pages - complete

When one of your favorite authors stops writing there is always a sense of loss. When they return after an absence of over a year with a new epic, it’s time to celebrate.

The author of such brilliant works as Mortal Trade, The Judgment of the Gods, and the perfect short story After the Volcano, Mary’s forte has always been imaginative creations that highlight the bond and relationship between the Bard and Warrior. This story does exactly that. Though there is no explicit sex, and the story might be considered Gen, their commitment to each other could not be stronger.

Set in other mythical kingdom once taken by the Destroyer of Nations, Xena is asked to play a dark role in the upcoming transfer of power, the details of which he is sworn not to reveal to her inquisitive and worried Bard. Gabrielle soon realizes that nothing is as it seems, and that Xena’s life and soul are in the balance. The story is possibly handicapped by a somewhat slow opening, and by a narrative style different from her usual work. This is not a fanfic bonbon to be scanned. It is one to be read slowly so that the rhythm of the prose carries you with it.

The story is rich in detail. She combines the actual character of Hesiod (circa 720 B.C.) with a mystery, a supernatural backdrop and an hidden curse, and moves them with some spectacular sequences and brilliant dialogue. The exploration of the minds and hearts of Gabrielle and Xena, their fears and obligations to the greater good and each other, is discerning and moving.

It All Began with a Trout by Alexares
Recommended by: Rocky - 08.16.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt-Comedy/PG-13
Length: Short Story, 49 pages - complete

Before you read this one make sure you have a good secure hold on your funny bone! "It All Began with a Trout" by Alexiares is not your typical X&G romp, not by a long shot. Thraso is a weapons master from a distant tribe of Amazons who literally bumps into Xena and Gabrielle with hilarious results. The ending is a little blurry but hopefully this means that we can look forward to more mayhem and "Slap your neighbor".
See the sequel, "And It Continued On With A Skunk"

(And) It Continued with a Skunk by Alexiares
Recommended by: Rocky - 08.16.99
Genre: Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt-Comedy/PG-13
Length: Vignette, 69 pages - complete

I asked for a sequel to "It Started with a Trout" and here it is... "And It continued with a Skunk" By Alexiares. More mayhem and silliness ensues when Thaleia the muse of Comedy needs a Vacation. She selects our favorite arms master "Thraso" to fill her oversize shoes. Mix in a visit to Queen Gabrielle's Amazons. Add feuding Goddesses, and a troop of fools, and a skunk. Stand back and watch the fun.

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