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Xena Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Classic Bards: A


Amazon Awakenings by Dawn Lamanne
Recommended by: Rocky - 09.29.99
Classification: Uber/Classic
Sex/Violence Content: Alt - NC-17
Length: Novel, 234 pages - complete
*This story may also be found under Uber*

Not since the "Sunne in Scarlet" (Nene Adams) have I read a Brilliant Dramatic Romance like this one. Set in the twilight of the dark ages this wonderful story pulls you along with little effort at all. An Amazon chooses to leave the land of her birth to follow her lover, a crusader captured on Amazon lands, when he is freed to return to his home. Their Daughter stands at the portal of two worlds not willing to step fully into either one until a dark assassin comes calling. And the rest, at least in Dawn Lamanne's "Amazon Awakenings," is history.

Another Day In The Life (aka How Gabrielle Got Her Pink Nightie) by Barbara Davies Gen. (with subtext), Classic, Short story, Finished, PG Recommended by Advocate ( ) July 3, 2000 Say hello to two old friends! In this short story, Barbara Davies reintroduces us to a season two Xena and Gabrielle. The title pretty much says it all. We have another giant, another love-sick fan (only this time it's Gabrielle who is the object of affection), a hot tub scene (was there ever a doubt?), and a Xena plan that comes together at the end. As in her other tales, Barbara Davies addresses her subject matter with an easy, understated style that's a pleasure to read. This piece manages to capture the magic of what may be the favorite X&G episode of all time. At Charon's Dock by kate Alt - Classic, Novella, Finished Reviewed by Anima 8.7.99 Well, this was a real treat. One of the best treatments of classic Xena and Gabrielle I've come across in some time. The story picks up at the funeral pyre scene in MATERNAL INSTINCTS and gives us an alternate story line, bypassing the infamous Gab drag and THE BITTER SUITE all together. Instead, Gabrielle makes that dramatic walk, in the opposite direction of Xena, and keeps on walking. Despondent over the deaths of their children and feeling responsible for Solon's death, the bard makes a deal that changes her and Xena's fate.....forever? Written in a realistic tone, even though part of it takes place in the surreal setting of Charon's Dock, it has a gritty feel that makes the characters flesh and bone. It's appropriately, and honestly, dark at times but never relinquishes the deep love between the two characters. I hate to give too much away but I need to say how much I adored the use of the dead hearing another's loving thoughts of them-it has always been a simply breathtaking notion, and here it is beautifully executed.
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